About Us

The Glass Eye is a NYC based theater company dedicated to creating original, unforgettable theatrical experiences. Founded in 2012 by Hartt School alumni, we set out to make the kind of theater we wanted to see, and to reach audiences beyond our network of like-minded artists.

Beginning with a focus on new play development and devised theater, our work has grown to encompass an annual outdoor Shakespeare production that encorporates live music and dance, workshops of new plays, and partnerships with many not-for-profit arts education groups. Each Glass Eye production embraces the imagination of our collaborators and audiences, creating unique moments of connection through story-telling.

To date, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of playwrights, directors, and actors, and many more audience members who’ve attended our productions, workshops, and readings. Their collective insights and spirit have brought us here, to our 5th year in existence.

I look forward to connecting with the people who have been with us from the beginning, those we’ve met along the way, and those whose stories we’ve yet to hear.

See you at the show,

Kyle Metzger
Producing Artistic Director


Twelfth Night – June 2016 – Stonington, CT


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