Behind the Pineapple with Paul Hufker

Greetings and Happy November FRESHIES!

October proved to be a busy month for your favorite pineapples but quite a successful one! Our show in October featured some incredible new playwrights and this month we’d love to showcase them and let you know what they are up to now!

So let’s get started and meet Paul Hufker, the man behind THE WET WOODS.

FPNYC: Paul! Thanks so much for participating in our October show! Tell us…how did you get into playwrighting? What’s your background in the theatre/playwrighting?

PH: Playwriting found me. I was hiding on stage in the costume of an actor. And I woke up one day in a small room in upstate NY on AEA contract for a whopping $380 a week. I looked out the window and saw cow pastures. A spider built a web in the corner. The space heater seemed to make the room colder. At that moment, I quit acting after 20 odd years. I saw “The Homecoming” on Broadway and started writing.

FPNYC: Tell us a little bit about your background! Where’d ya come from?

PH: My background in theatre is pretty standard — started at age 6, went through high school as “that kid,” found a home with likeminded artists in college (Webster Univ.), moved to NYC (from St. Louis) where I started pushing that familiar boulder up the hill, only to watch it roll back down.

FPNYC: Can you tell us about your process? How ideas get turned into shows/ any special things you do whilst writing?

PH: I’m flattered that anyone thinks I might have a process. Generally, I write about what angers or sickens me. There are exceptions of course when I am just so fascinated by a situation or group of people that I have to explore them, but for the most part, I’m writing about injustice, which usually takes the form of innocence lost. This particular piece — “The Wet Woods” — is more autobiographical in nature than most of my work, and explores difficult themes, the inspiration for which were incidents that thankfully didn’t happen to me, but could have or very nearly did. It angers me that it happens to kids all the time.

FPNYC: Speaking of The Wet Woods, tell us a little more how this show came to be!

PH: The Wet Woods came to be after I had written a very difficult, very complicated play that failed. I needed a play to submit to grad schools and I needed to write something “straight” and “simple.” It didn’t take me long to write this one.

FPNYC: Where do you see this show going? And what’s next for you?

PH: I would love to see this play at LCT 3, Primary Stages, The Lark, etc. I think it’s “ready.” — There’s always something going on. I have two forthcoming independent workshops with two full-lengths, one untitled (which I really like) and one entitled These Urgent Lives which I only kind of life.

As far as what is next I am currently in rehearsals for my short play The Horses in Central Park which will perform in November (15th, 16th, 19th, 21st).

FPNYC: Well thank you, Paul! It was a pleasure to have you featured in our October show and we look forward to working with you again and following your bright future!

Catch Paul Hufker’s The Horses in Central Park For more information check out

Stay tuned for more interviews and upcoming announcements!


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