Behind the Pineapple with Fiona Kyle

Well hello again you fresh friends you! Have you missed us?

We missed you!

Luckily we are back today with yet another exclusive interview with our second September playwright Fiona Kyle.

Much like yesterday’s playwright Susan Goodell, September will be Ms. Kyle’s first time working with FRESH PRODUCE’D NYC.

She shares with us a piece called An Honest Woman. I know when I first read the script that this playwright has something to say and boy…does she say it well!

So lets get to know Fiona Kyle more!

FPNYC: Fiona, how did you get into playwriting?

FK: I’ve been writing poetry or prose since I was about nine but it wasn’t until I was fourteen that I was urged to write plays. Literally, this kid told me he had a dream that I wrote a play and that I should send it to him if I ever wrote one. After that, I went to college for playwriting, got a masters in it, and am currently balancing that with getting my MFA in dramaturgy.

FPNYC: Do you have a process when you are writing? How do the ideas turn into plays?

FK: The easy answer is that it varies. Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “In five years I want to write a play about this” and then I’ll ask myself why I have to wait that long to write it, which is how a lot of my plays begin. I’m a night writer, I make silly playlists, and I sometimes talk to myself very loudly in stairwells when I’m trying to figure out why scene two doesn’t work. I find myself telling my roommates that if I’m screaming in my bedroom not to worry about me, I’m just writing.

FPNYC: What do you feel is the most important thing about being a playwright to you and what is the most frustrating thing?

FK: Being able to tell the stories that are (hopefully) entertaining is the most important thing for me. The most frustrating is the business aspect from submissions to “Do I need a business card? A website? Should I get a headshot?” and that silly stuff. It’s all part of the profession and some people are great at it, but I find myself a little at sea with it!

FPNYC: How did ‘An Honest Woman” come to be? Where has it been? Where do you see it going? What’s your stance on giving woman a voice?

The horrific, twelve page soap opera that I wrote when I was fourteen was actually the inspiration for this play. When I tell myself that I should wait five years to write something, sometimes I should listen to myself and wait six years instead! Before this, it was at the Last Frontier Theater Conference in Valdez, Alaska. I hope it’ll keep going further once I get a handle on exactly what it’s trying to be and what to move, change, and delete.

“Giving women a voice” is basically my artistic statement summed up into a few words. It’s especially interesting to me to take women who are not your classic ingénue types: the woman in this play, and my others, is not an Ophelia or a Juliet. Giving a voice to women who are doing things that are unorthodox and not apologizing for who they are is important to me. There are still so many women from all walks of life whose voices you never hear and I want to do my part to listen to them and act as a mouth-piece to the best of my abilities

Come see this great piece on FPNYC SEPTEMBER 19th. You won’t be sorry!!


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