Behind the Pineapple with Playwright Susan Goodell

So it’s the week of the show here at FRESH PRODUCE’d NYC and what better way to gear up for an awesome night than with an interview with one of our September playwrights!

If you are new to our monthly blog series well don’t worry! We are new to the interwebs as well! So let’s get a little more acquainted before we dive into the interview.

FRESH PRODUCE’d NYC is a theatre collective that devotes a month to three up and coming playwrights. It is of the utmost importance to us to give new writers a forum to test out new work as they journey through a life in the arts. Playwrights after all, are essential in the story telling process and celebrating their work and their talent is something we here at FRESH PRODUCE’d NYC are passionate about.

With that said, let me introduce you to Susan Goodell.

Thursday will be the first time we showcase Ms. Goodell’s work with her hilarious, mysterious and highly entertaining piece Aruba.

FPNYC: Susan, tell us…how did you get into playwrighting?

SG: Playwriting was among the classes I took at Denver Free University, along with dog obedience training, women’s self-defense and light cuisine. Playwriting was the subject that stuck.

FPNYC: What a wonderful array of subjects to study. We’re lucky that playwrighting stuck! Is there a process that you have when you are writing? How exactly do your ideas turn into plays?

SG: I like everyday characters because I think that everyone has moments of heroism in their lives. I often put characters in the worst possible circumstances, but because it’s comedy, they eventually bounce through with little harm. I’m the play’s first audience, so I have to surprise and entertain myself before anyone else.

FPNYC: What do you think the most rewarding part of being a writer is?

SG:There are many rewards– watching the play grow like a barn raising, the collaboration with other artists and finally, the audience’s laughter and enjoyment.

FPNYC: Well Thursday’s audience will undoubtly enjoy themselves with your playAruba. What’s Aruba’s life been like? How did it come to be? Where has it been and where do you see it going?

SG: Aruba began as a “word of the week” exercise at Theatre Artists Workshop in Connecticut. The writers had a week to write a short play that included the word “trapeze.” I didn’t want to write a circus play, so an imagined parrot on a perch carried me –maybe like Hal in the play–into a crazy landscape. ARUBA had a developmental reading at Wilmington Drama League prior to FRESH PRODUCE’d NYC. I will continue to consider how to make the play’s weird world believable.

FPNYC: Well Susan we thank you very much for sharing with us this month and we are excited to have been part of your journey!

Come check out Aruba at SEPTEMBER’S FPNYC



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