FRESH PRODUCE’d April 18th 8PM


On the 3rd Thursday of each month we workshop 3 new short plays by 3 new playwrights.
All performances will start at 8p.m. (runtime is approx. 1.5 hrs.) Doors open at 7:30.

The Arthur Seelen Theater
250 West 40th Street, NY
(Downstairs at The Drama Bookshop)

Tickets: All performances are by donation at the door

Facebook Invite


Plank by John Greiner-Ferris, directed by Kyle Metzger
Happy and content, Potpee is drifting in the middle of the ocean after a shipwreck. Then she’s “rescued.”

Shannon Sullivan
Amanda Marikar
Kyla Schoer

Turtles by Sarah Moon, directed by Maggie Yeomans
A dance teacher seeks the bright side to a bad romance.

Laura Delhauer
Andy Baldeschwiler
William DeMeritt

Two Irishmen Digging a Ditch by G. D. Kimble, directed by Colleen O’Connor
A young man is snatched off the streets of Belfast, revealing the bloodiest wars are no longer fought on the battlefield. But rather, in our backyard.

Nick DeMarco
David Lind
Nate Foster


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