FRESH PRODUCE’d February 21st 8PM


On the 3rd Thursday of each month we workshop 3 new short plays by 3 new playwrights.
All performances will start at 8p.m. (runtime is approx. 1.5 hrs.) Doors open at 7:30.

The Arthur Seelen Theater
250 West 40th Street, NY
(Downstairs at The Drama Bookshop)

Tickets: All performances are by donation at the door

Facebook event


Styrofoam Cake by Jeremy Blachman, directed by Jo Cattell
Ellen and Pete are getting married. Perhaps.

Laura Delhauer
Nick DeMarco
Annie Rubino

Toxoplasmosis by Shannon Sullivan, directed by Kyle Metzger
Toxoplasmosis: a disease caused by a feline parasite usually carried from cat to cat by rats. The parasite attacks the rats neurological system causing irrational behavior and attraction to cat urine. Sometimes this parasite finds its way into humans…

David Lind
Colleen O’Connor
Diana Oh

Porcelain by Jessica Bedford, directed by Michael Brusasco
Rosemary is a hoarder. In a desperate act to save her mother from herself, Rosemary’s daughter brings a new therapist with cutting edge techniques to an intervention. But will he be able to help? Or will his attempts bury her even deeper?

Amanda Marikar
Tom Kelley
Jacqueline Antaramian


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